Digital Collaboration: Same, Same but Different

COVID-19 is maybe the largest test for digitalisation of work. This webinar addresses collaboration in a digital era: how to keep the higher goals in mind and bring in the various instruments at the right time and with the right tone.

Communications and the Importance of Framing

This webinar addresses the power of communications in relation to your actions, and how to effectively make use of a promise versus performance balance to get the results you were actually aiming for.

To Lead when Everything Seems Unpredictable

In a time of crisis when everything seems unpredictable, people easily turn to those that they trust to guide them to a better and more stable future. This webinar provides guidelines to prevent the creation of an illusion of control.

Futurise Your Business – WebTalk 9 of 10

Service innovation can be relevant for all levels within an organisation from bottom up and top down. The context and mindset of the specific organisation is important as well as the existing tools available.

Boosting Intrapreneurship – WebTalk 3 of 3

Balancing creativity with control is a fine line. Alexander Brüggen gives examples of how some organisations manage this and what the vital ingredients are for intrapreneurship to have the highest chance of success, whatever that might look like.

Boosting Intrapreneurship – WebTalk 2 of 3

As with any great idea, having the right people in place is the key. Creating an intrapreneurship bubble within an organisation isn’t a standardised process and trying out new things and accepting that things will go wrong is part of the journey.

Preparing for Digitalisation – WebTalk 2 of 2

Digitalisation can be a radical process and it requires some re-thinking. The process can trigger anxiety in people. Managing this, and preparing and training people properly, is the key to being ready for the digitalisation process.

Co-creating Excellent Services – WebTalk 6 of 6

It is very important for companies to be aware of the impact suppliers have on the service delivery process and the end customer satisfaction. In this WebTalk, Frank Rozemeijer gives tips on mapping the supply chain network, identifying opportunities and challenges, managing relationships and other things.

Co-creating Excellent Services – WebTalk 5 of 6

Relational governance means how you ensure that a supplier acts in a certain way. In this WebTalk, Frank Rozemeijer discusses two types of contracts, which both inspire innovation.

Co-creating Excellent Services – WebTalk 4 of 6

In a procurement ecosystem you are dependent on other parties and therefore need to have some kind of assurance. In this WebTalk, Frank Rozemeijer discusses the difficulty of specifying services in a contract.