Nieuw als leidinggevende

In this short online Masterclass with Frans Wilms, we discuss the nine transformations needed for today's leadership. Transformations that allow you to break old patterns and take up your role as (new) leader with confidence.

Vijf Denkfouten van Leidinggevenden

In this webinar, facilitated by leadership expert Frans Wilms, we discussed the five most common thinking mistakes made by leaders. We also shared some practical tips on how to do things differently in your own professional practice.

The Science of Performance Management

On June 24, Prof. Harold Hassink provided a breakfast session at Brightlands Chemelot Campus to talk about recent academic insights on performance management and how to analyse and improve an organisation’s chances of reaching its strategic goals.

Inside the Boardroom: A Conversation with Rianne Letschert

The experiences people have with leadership, power and politics can be a rich source of learning. Watch this unique conversation between Mariëlle Heijltjes, Executive Director of UMIO, and Rianne Letschert, Rector of Maastricht University.

Gebruik data als vliegwiel voor je organisatie

In deze WebTalks sessie op 23 maart door UMIO en de Open Universiteit bespraken we de rol van data, governance, leiderschap, organisatiecultuur en andere factoren die bijdragen aan een succesvolle digitale transformatie van jouw organisatie.

De vier R’s van verbindend leiderschap

In this online session with leadership expert Frans Wilms, we discussed the balancing act of letting go versus defining boundaries, and we showed how to lead by leaving more room for your employees without losing sight of strategy and results.

The Introduction of Service Design Thinking

In this video, Damien Nunes outlines the Service Design Thinking mindset and provides a clear, accessible and inspiring description of the process and the tools needed to get your business and ideas ready for the Service Design Thinking future.

Digital Transformation: Are you Ready to Automate?

On January 28, Dominik Mahr and Gordon Miesen hosted an online session to showcase how you as a professional can redesign your workplace with smart automation and what you can do to really reap the benefits from emerging technologies.

Crisis Innovation Guide

Download our Crisis Innovation Guide, filled with tips and tools on how innovation can help organisations prepare for the turbulent period ahead. The guide provides an overview of the latest talking points of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Human Side of Business

In working relations, functionality and financial rewards often override the human perspective, leading to less productive teams and organisations. In this webinar on 10 December, Marco Buschman presented a new framework to overcome this challenge.