Crisis Innovation Guide

Download our Crisis Innovation Guide, filled with tips and tools on how innovation can help organisations prepare for the turbulent period ahead. The guide provides an overview of the latest talking points of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Human Side of Business

In working relations, functionality and financial rewards often override the human perspective, leading to less productive teams and organisations. In this webinar on 10 December, Marco Buschman presented a new framework to overcome this challenge.

Opportunities and Pitfalls of Smart Customer Interactions

During this Breakfast Booster on November 12, 2020, Lisa Brüggen presented several ways in which smart customer interactions can improve your customer relations, but she also discussed the pitfalls of digital customer interactions.

How smart is your algorithm?

We have all heard success stories about the world of big data analytics. But is it really the solution to all problems? On October 8, Stephan Smeekes and Etienne Wijler take us through the myths and magic of smart algorithms.

Six Pillars of Leadership

The complexity of our world increases every day. COVID-19 isn’t making things any easier. How to become a connective leader? What kind of leadership do we need in this special time? According to Frans Wilms, it comes down to six pillars of leadership.

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Female Entrepreneurship: The Way Forward

We delve into the paradigm shift caused by the rise in female leadership and female entrepreneurship. We show differences between male and female business leaders, and we illustrate how both can be combined to improve leadership practices.

Closing the Loop: The Power of Circular P&SM

We focus on the (business) opportunities that a switch in purchasing & supply management (P&SM) methodology can bring to your organisation and aim to boost your understanding of the opportunities, yet also the potential risks of circular P&SM.

Resolving Dilemmas: Privacy, Security & Public Health

How can businesses successfully manage their needs with data protection, privacy, and security requirements in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic where the sensitive personal data of employees, visitors and suppliers is systematically collected?

Breaking Up the Status Quo

Exploring beyond our known borders is scary. As humans we have a strong tendency to stick to what we know. Unfortunately, this way of thinking may lead to inertia and may thus slow us down as professionals and as organisations.