Strategy Meets Behaviour – WebTalk 3 of 6

Movement is a trending design rule. Movement deals with the balance between acting fast and adjusting fast. This goes into the very nature of motivation of people and teams and their drivers to adjust and accept the chance of failure.

Strategy Meets Behaviour – WebTalk 2 of 6

Strategic discipline deals with the balance between playing and winning. It is about design for growth. Growth can only be expected to be successful if there is a repeat logic for more. It is a design rule for having strategic discipline.

Cultivating Innovation: WebTalk 3 of 9

Increasing complexity demands from leaders and employees that they have an open mind, see other people’s perspectives, and to take those different points of views seriously. This requires cognitive flexibility, empathy and compassion.

Cultivating Innovation: WebTalk 2 of 9

The essence of new leadership revolves around the ability to let go within boundaries. From a leadership and motivating perspective, this means leaving much more room for employees to put their expertise into practice.