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Lifelong Development Day 2022

On 9 September 2022, Maastricht University organised an experience day with inspiring panel discussions and interactive break-out sessions; an entertaining afternoon where one could learn more about what the university has to offer for professionals.

Maastricht Reimagined

Maastricht wants to know how its citizens would like to see the city in 2040. “It should look beyond what it is and explore what it could be. Sometimes this means letting go of old values and exploring new ones,” says design thinker Damien Nunes.

How innovative are you?

How innovative are you? That’s the central question in this free webinar on September 24 in which Damien Nunes will offer you an introduction to the Design Thinking mindset and present an overview of the complete customer-centric innovation process.

Preparing for Extreme Scenarios

Due to the corona pandemic, organisations need to shift their strategy from a reactive to a pro-active approach. This webinar discuss the use of extreme scenarios to prepare for the upcoming challenges and make use of new opportunities?

Co-creating Excellent Services

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, digitalisation: all these developments force companies to speed up their innovation process. In this WebTalk, Frank Rozemeijer discusses the challenges and trends he currently sees in the procurement ecosystem.

Futurise Your Business

Organisations need to innovate in order to survive. At a time with so many technological advances, technology-driven innovation is still just a means to an end. The question discussed in this WebTalk: Does it actually provide value or not?

Erasmus Grant on Service Design Thinking

Implementing Service Design Thinking at the highest level of organisations; that is the goal of the study module that the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management (SBE) and the Service Science Factory (UMIO) will co-develop.

Innovate with Service Design

Services are all around us. Gaby Odekerken and Damien Nunes discuss the meaning of service design in this WebTalk and the question of time as another key consideration of the process using the adage, fail early, learn fast.

Digitalise the Decision Making

This WebTalk uncovers how data is being generated and extracted, and why so many companies are investing heavily in it, not only for marketing purposes, but also for business development and future strategic planning.

Cultivating Innovation

The world is becoming less predictable and more complex. The traditions and rules of the past can no longer be applied to today’s way of working. Organisations need to have a different approach to how they view themselves and the people in it.