Lifelong Development Day 2022

On 9 September 2022, Maastricht University organised an experience day with inspiring panel discussions and interactive break-out sessions; an entertaining afternoon where one could learn more about what the university has to offer for professionals.

Boomerang Employees: The Next Big Hiring Trend

The decades-old philosophy was that once an employee left the company, they shouldn’t be allowed to return. But employers are changing their tune and realising the benefits of ‘boomerang employees’, says Amanda Augustine.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Today we look differently at knowledge and competencies than we did in the past. How do we equip people with the right skills and what does this mean for the employer? In this podcast, Simon Beausaert takes us through the employability must-haves.

How to Lead a Thriving Team

Studies and research have proven that exercise and getting out into the fresh air and nature are beneficial to health and happiness, so why is it that many companies do not make a priority of these activities for their employees?

Introducing Diversity and Inclusion in Traditional Industries

It’s time for organisations in traditional industries to put real intention and action behind creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Diverse candidates can bring impressive skills, new perspectives and innovative ideas to the table.

Learning in order to Grow

Learning is the cornerstone of a good corporate culture. But organising it efficiently still appears to be a challenge. Mien Segers, Professor of Corporate Learning, explains how we can best approach learning in organisations.

Working Women: a Path to Success

Women have begun to make progress in their struggle for equality in career progression. But there is still a long way to go. This article presents practical tools, ideas and suggestions that will contribute to the management of their career success.

Do Smart People make Smart Decisions?

When you’re putting together the ideal team, you choose a team with only the best people, right? Not necessarily, says Professor Wim Gijselaers. In this podcast, he argues that success too often is falsely linked to the cleverness of individuals.

Making your Workplace a Cultural Incubator

With the arrival of the hybrid workplace, the office needs to become the facilitator of collaboration, innovation, and connection. But how do you ensure your office serves its purpose as a ‘cultural incubator’ by effectively bringing people together?

Inspiring Corporate Learning

Learning is a key factor of success for organisations in today’s dynamic business and societal environments. But how to ensure that your learning function is fully aligned with your organisation's strategy and business priorities?