Indispensable Competences of the Future

Due to automation and robotisation, a lot of jobs will disappear in the coming years. What capacities and learning characteristics will professionals need for the 21st century in order to remain successful and relevant?

Does your Employer Need to Offer you Training?

The Dutch government's portal for development advice and training was reopened on December 1st. In this podcast, Annemarie Künn explains why employers should indeed be encouraged to offer training opportunities for their employees.

Learning at the workplace for auditors

Why do audit firms sometimes form insufficiently supported judgements on their clients’ financial statements? Therese Grohnert wanted to find out and she convinced the involved audit firms of an appropriate solution: learning at the workplace.

Transformation is about People rather than Technology

Digital transformation challenges traditional ways of organising work, of understanding competition, and of experiencing products and services. This article sheds a light on corporate learning as an accelerator of digital transformation.

Stay Ahead of the Game

If you can carry on being a valuable asset in the workplace, you and your employer will reap the benefits. In addition to subject-specific knowledge and skills, the importance of so-called “21st-century skills” is increasing.

Stepping up to the Platform

The world looks quite different now from how it did 6 months ago. At a time when it is clear that one person or institution alone cannot solve the complex challenges of today, UMIO is very proud to introduce and welcome you to UMIO Prime.

“Invest in training your employees, especially now”

The corona crisis has affected many companies worldwide. One of the measures companies are considering taking to recover financially is to reduce training budgets for employees. However, that is not a wise move, argues Prof. dr. Andries De Grip.

Creativity, MBAs, and Competitive Advantage for Modern Businesses

When you think what might motivate you to do an MBA, ‘to become more creative’ is probably not top of the list. Yet, an MBA can increase your ability to have impact and open your eyes to the power of creativity within business, says Tom Gray.

The Possibilities and Future of Online Education

UMIO | Maastricht University expanded its education portfolio with an online MBA study, called EuroMBA Online Track. We spoke with Dr. Boris Blumberg – MBA Captain – about the possibilities and future of online education.

Putting the Humanity back into Technology

In an age where algorithms answer our questions and robots do much of our ‘heavy lifting’, what we really need is a way of combining the best of technological capability with the best of human ability.