Hand Washing Angels: a High-impact Social Initiative

Most children in developing countries haven’t been raised with hand washing as a priority. Determined to break a vicious circle, UMIO’s Edward Huizenga together with a global team builds hand hygiene into a daily routine for young children.

The Case for Stakeholder Capitalism

Capitalism needs to be a force for good and focus on providing prosperity for all its stakeholders, current and future generations. Richard Savage says we need a capitalism that keeps all the elements of the ‘Lived Experience’ in balance and harmony.

Realising Growth Despite the Pandemic

Large corporations have a strong desire to grow, yet if companies have any hope of surviving, they need to adapt to a new world, make changes to their companies in tune with current crises, and accept this as our new normal way of business.

5 Steps towards a Purpose-led Strategy

What is the purpose of your corporate strategy and how can it be used to change the company and grow the business? Edward Huizenga shares a 5-step framework to create and implement a purpose-led strategy which can be transformative for any company.

New Management Thinking in a Digital Age

In the digital era, enterprises will transform into platform organisations and traditional management thinking and methods will be confronted with big challenges. So, how can we achieve success in the management of enterprises as platforms?

How to Overcome Negotiation Impasses

In the workplace, people are constantly involved in negotiations. Martin Schweinsberg discusses three different types of impasses; wanted, forced, and unwanted, the factors through which they can occur, and the solutions they require to be resolved.

To Be Ahead, Through Innovative Thinking

How can organisations increase the likelihood of achieving their strategic goals? Professor Harold Hassink shares two models on performance management that can help companies execute their strategy to actually make the business model work.

Moving from Unicorns to Zebras

In the current climate, entrepreneurs would be wise to follow the path of the zebra: concern yourself with usefulness, rather than innovation; be local rather than international; and follow your passion rather than investors’ whims.

How can you be Prepared for what’s Next?

Sometimes the best way to understand the future is to build on good, old fashioned research and logic, sorting and sizing knowns and unknowns, and networking the one thing we bring with us everyday: human intelligence.

Preparing for Extreme Scenarios

Due to the corona pandemic, organisations need to shift their strategy from a reactive to a pro-active approach. This webinar discuss the use of extreme scenarios to prepare for the upcoming challenges and make use of new opportunities?