The Sense and Nonsense of Early Supplier Involvement

Assistant professor Robert Suurmond shares insights from one of his recent publications, shedding new light on the sense and nonsense of (early) supplier involvement, open innovation and the nature of knowledge transfer more generally.

Procurement with Purpose

Leading sustainable companies show an increasing interest in the integrity and ethical behaviour of their supply chains which often translates into a clear purpose for procurement. This seems to resonate well with the leaders of the next generation.

Mind the Gap!

NEVI Professor Purchasing and Supply Management, Frank Rozemeijer, elaborates on some gender disparities to keep in mind when you recruit young graduates to become your future Procurement, Logistics or SCM leaders.

How to Build the Next Electric Car?

In this podcast episode, Robert Suurmond, Assistant Professor in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management looks at the best way to build an electric car, drawing lessons from Tesla and comparing this to more traditional car manufacturers.

Nouvelle Année, Nouvelle Procurement

No matter what you buy, look beyond the price and dig deeper! Frank Rozemeijer, Professor of Procurement & Supply Chain Management, calls for a deep understanding of your organisation’s supply chain, as you can’t manage what you can’t see.

Tipping Point for Digitalisation in Procurement and SCM?

The COVID-19 crisis has made it very clear that professional buyers and supply chain managers are important for our economy. Experts argue that the pandemic puts us at a ‘tipping point’ with regard to digitalisation of Procurement and SCM.

Closing the Loop: The Power of Circular P&SM

We focus on the (business) opportunities that a switch in purchasing & supply management (P&SM) methodology can bring to your organisation and aim to boost your understanding of the opportunities, yet also the potential risks of circular P&SM.

Co-creating Excellent Services

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, digitalisation: all these developments force companies to speed up their innovation process. In this WebTalk, Frank Rozemeijer discusses the challenges and trends he currently sees in the procurement ecosystem.