How can VR Shape the Future of Education?

In this podcast, Roberta di Palma discusses the immersive and interactive opportunities VR offers for students’ learning experiences and outlines how it is being used to improve students’ presentation skills as just one of its current applications.

How Robots can Help Keep CARE at the Heart of Healthcare

Robots can free up workers from routine tasks, thus giving humans more time for customer interaction. For the healthcare industry in specific, this would offer a significant benefit and improvement for patients and healthcare employees.

How Technology is Challenging Traditional Leadership

Leaders need to keep learning and build up know-how in the role of technology in organisations. They need to understand that technology can reinforce existing structures and amplify unconscious bias, and can therefore work against change.

Race ‘With’ instead of ‘Against’ Machines

How do you successfully implement a digital strategy? What are the pitfalls? And what is the danger of relying too much on algorithms? We get answers to these questions from data consulting expert Etienne Fouarge and assistant professor Roman Briker.

The Rise of Deep Tech

Deep tech is transforming the way we understand technology and is shaping our world in ways we have never seen before. Future successful leaders will be those who go beyond the technological dimension and embrace it as a multi-dimensional concept.

Data Science: Legal and Ethical Questions

“How good is the quality of your data and how good are the conclusions you draw from it?” In this podcast, Gijs van Dijck, Professor of Private Law at Maastricht University, dives into the legal and ethical issues surrounding data science.

This is How You Make Decisions with Data

How do organisations work with data? And how do you do that in a scientifically correct way? Collaboration and creativity are two important concepts here. In this podcast with Lisa Brüggen, you will hear how you can use and apply these two concepts.

Data Science is the Future, the Present and the Past

Technological developments nowadays go hand in hand with our daily existence. In this podcast, Professor Rudolf Müller answers questions such as: How far do we want data science to take us? What do we want to predict? How vulnerable is that really?

How Causal Machine Learning Can Improve Business Decisions

Contextual knowledge is integral to understanding why we behave the way we do. In this video, Jermain Kaminski talks about his recent research on experimentation and causal machine learning in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Technequality: a Look into the Future

We are in the middle of a technological revolution, that's not news. There is a lot of talk about the consequences for the labour market and perhaps for your work. Yet little is said about how we can prepare now for the post-revolution era.