Leaders’ Fallacies and the Beliefs Behind Them

Which misleading beliefs do you have? What patterns are you perpetuating as a leader? And most importantly: how can you break them? Leadership expert Frans Wilms takes us through the five persistent thinking errors that most leaders make.

The Five Top Attributes for Leaders for 2022 and Beyond

The role of leaders in organisations, who want to thrive, needs to become more people-centred and leaders will need to connect people to each other, and the organisation, to create a sense of belonging, says Jill Pennington.

Vijf Denkfouten van Leidinggevenden

In this webinar, facilitated by leadership expert Frans Wilms, we discussed the five most common thinking mistakes made by leaders. We also shared some practical tips on how to do things differently in your own professional practice.

The Changing Role of the Leader

'Command & control' is a leadership style that no longer fits within modern organisations and today’s society. In this podcast, Glenn van der Burg talks to Mariëlle Heijltjes about leadership and the need for more humanity in organisations.

Why we Need More Women in Leadership

Although society is making strides in addressing gender inequality, systematic challenges and age-old biases continue to impact women’s careers. How can organisations, policymakers, and individuals join the effort to promote female leadership?

Cultural Leadership as Agent for Change

Even with a world in lockdown, you need to be ready to respond to challenges and have a positive impact on the world around you. Nathalie De Potter’s thesis project is a step in the right direction from both a professional and personal perspective.

Authentic Leaders Set the Bar for a Cultural Shift

Establishing oneself as an authentic leader is the first step in encouraging a culture of authenticity within organisations, because systemic change does not come from policies but from practice, according to leadership expert Ash Beckham.

Co-CEOs can Redefine our Expectations of Businesses

It’s often the case that out of difficult periods new models and ways of working emerge, and the COVID-19 pandemic has firmly established the concept of remote working. Less firmly established is the concept of Co-CEOs, says Guenther Eisinger.

Harnessing the Potential of Power

Each of us has the choice to let our power go untapped, to give it away or to harness it, so we must learn to make the most of this unseen energy. Gail Rudolph provides three simple steps to choose our power positioning in any given situation.

How to be an Effective Leader

Although it’s no longer possible for leaders to know everything, we somehow still believe this is what’s needed. In this podcast, prof. Marielle Heijltjes, UMIO’s Executive Director, debunks this myth with an insightful and empowering perspective.