Using Data as a Driver in Transformation

‘Data is the new oil’ is a much-used phrase but having ‘oil’ is nowhere near as valuable as knowing what to do with it. Chris Underwood explores the role of data strategy in leadership and how data can help leaders to instigate organisational change.

Service Robots: Rising or Falling Stars?

Robots are everywhere, but how do we humans respond to robots? The truth is, we don’t know much about what effect robots have on our behaviour. This is why Gaby Odekerken and her team at Maastricht University want to find out more.

How smart is your algorithm?

We have all heard success stories about the world of big data analytics. But is it really the solution to all problems? On October 8, Stephan Smeekes and Etienne Wijler take us through the myths and magic of smart algorithms.

How to make a success of digital transformation in your organisation

Understanding why some digital transformations succeed while at the same time so many fail can provide a critical piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Dominik Mahr shares his insight on how to pave the way for a smooth digital transformation.

Augmented Reality: Is this for Real?

Over the past three years, Tim Hilken has headed a research initiative about Augmented Reality to better understand what makes it so valuable. Find out how AR can empower you to make better decisions, reach your goals or even help others.

5 Skills You Need in the Digital Age

The Digital Age will fundamentally change how we work and how we live. Success in this new dawn requires ‘outsmarting’ evolving technology and remaining relevant through continuous learning and reinvention, or ‘Hyper-Learning’.

Resolving Dilemmas: Privacy, Security & Public Health

How can businesses successfully manage their needs with data protection, privacy, and security requirements in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic where the sensitive personal data of employees, visitors and suppliers is systematically collected?

Augmented Reality: A Means to Manage a 1.5-meters Economy?

Many organisations rely on physical means to deliver information to their customers. An obvious example is the information on product packages in supermarkets. But how to access information when physically touching products is not an option anymore?

Digital Collaboration: Same, Same but Different

COVID-19 is maybe the largest test for digitalisation of work. This webinar addresses collaboration in a digital era: how to keep the higher goals in mind and bring in the various instruments at the right time and with the right tone.

Preparing for Digitalisation

Alexander Brüggen outlines some of the key issues organisations are facing in light of the fast-moving digital developments and why the business model needs to change in order to respond to these innovations.