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Improvisation for Resilience: Lessons from Jazz

Though organisations are addicted to reliability, routines, formal planning and control, our well-being will increasingly rest on disciplined spontaneity, fast learning from smart failures and agile execution through minimal structures.

5 Steps towards a Purpose-led Strategy

What is the purpose of your corporate strategy and how can it be used to change the company and grow the business? Edward Huizenga shares a 5-step framework to create and implement a purpose-led strategy which can be transformative for any company.

Using Data to Boost your Organisation

A blueprint for digital transformation doesn’t exit. The impact, opportunities and threats are different for every company. However, focus on governance, leadership and organisational culture is crucial in the transformation of any organisation.

How can you be Prepared for what’s Next?

Sometimes the best way to understand the future is to build on good, old fashioned research and logic, sorting and sizing knowns and unknowns, and networking the one thing we bring with us everyday: human intelligence.

Stay Ahead of the Game

If you can carry on being a valuable asset in the workplace, you and your employer will reap the benefits. In addition to subject-specific knowledge and skills, the importance of so-called “21st-century skills” is increasing.

How to make a success of digital transformation in your organisation

Understanding why some digital transformations succeed while at the same time so many fail can provide a critical piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Dominik Mahr shares his insight on how to pave the way for a smooth digital transformation.

Bee Insights for Information Management

The world of bees and the world of information and management accountancy might not share the same end product, but parallels can be drawn between the two and some interesting learning insights can be gained from doing so.

Haal meer uit mensen, teams en organisaties

Bij de Masterclass Succesvol Samenwerken krijgen deelnemers meer inzicht over samenwerken binnen hun organisatie, hoe de ontwikkeling van mens en organisatie wordt gestimuleerd en hoe je deze meetbaar maakt.