How will COVID-19 Change the Demand for Office Space?

Will the demand for office space decline after COVID-19? Piet Eichholtz and Nils Kok say office buildings that are no longer fit for purpose do not need to be written off. They deserve a second chance, and could be repurposed as residential housing.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

“It’s not a big flat screen tv or a new phone that makes you happy but rather cleaning help or delivery service”, says economist and ‘happiness professor’ Paul Smeets. "If you have money to spend, buy yourself some spare time!”.

We Said ‘Let them Rot in Hell’

Piet Eichholtz was one of the co-signatories of an open letter criticising the Netherlands’ reluctance to help Southern Europe in its time of need. He reflects on how the coronavirus crisis is embedded in economic, political and ethical issues.

Bee Insights for Information Management

The world of bees and the world of information and management accountancy might not share the same end product, but parallels can be drawn between the two and some interesting learning insights can be gained from doing so.