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Facilitating and Improving Managerial Decisions

We cannot predict the future, but we at least try to deal with this uncertainty by using all kinds of measures and prediction methods that give us more confidence in an investment choice, says Alexander Brüggen; Professor of Management Accounting.

Bee Insights for Information Management

The world of bees and the world of information and management accountancy might not share the same end product, but parallels can be drawn between the two and some interesting learning insights can be gained from doing so.

Working from home: how to create good management policies

Many companies struggle with their remote working or telecommuting policies. Katlijn Haesebrouck shares her research on how companies might want to adjust their policies when allowing their workforce to work remotely.

Boosting Intrapreneurship

What is the difference between Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship? In this WebTalk, Alexander Brüggen defines the two concepts and outlines the reasons why organisations wanting to be innovative are in need of intrapreneurship.

Preparing for Digitalisation

Alexander Brüggen outlines some of the key issues organisations are facing in light of the fast-moving digital developments and why the business model needs to change in order to respond to these innovations.