How Leadership is Learned and Developed

What is leadership? Who is a leader? Do you consider yourself a leader? Leadership lecturer and researcher Sonja Zaar shares some of the outcomes of a recent study exploring ideas around leadership and how they influence leadership identity.

Does your Employer Need to Offer you Training?

The Dutch government's portal for development advice and training was reopened on December 1st. In this podcast, Annemarie Künn explains why employers should indeed be encouraged to offer training opportunities for their employees.

Transformation is about People rather than Technology

Digital transformation challenges traditional ways of organising work, of understanding competition, and of experiencing products and services. This article sheds a light on corporate learning as an accelerator of digital transformation.

Working from home: how to create good management policies

Many companies struggle with their remote working or telecommuting policies. Katlijn Haesebrouck shares her research on how companies might want to adjust their policies when allowing their workforce to work remotely.