A Sustainable Solution to Energy Poverty

The high price of gas causes energy poverty. However, the proposed energy tax reduction is too limited. Spend on sustainability rather than on reducing the price of fossil fuels to help the energy transition, argue Linde Kattenberg and Nils Kok.

Sustainability equals Purpose, Prosperity and Innovation

Instead of innovating, we are hell-bent on pursuing old business models, turning to layoffs and cost savings to ensure the survival of the business. By doing so we have lost the perspective of the bigger picture, says Michael Jenkins.

The Working World in 2030

By 2030, over 70% of the workforce will be comprised of generation X and millennials. COVID-19 will feel like a distant memory and work itself will be integrated into a broader holistic lifestyle as human respect and kindness take centre stage.

The Rise and Evolution of the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is causing the biggest societal shift since the industrial revolution. And it is the biggest business trend ever. Benita Matofska believes the sharing economy could solve some of the most prominent challenges in the current era.

Attention for Employee Well-being also Beneficial for Companies

Research by Maastricht University and Utrecht University, led by Professor Harry Hummels, shows that attention to the well-being of employees in Dutch organisations has increased and… offers mutual benefits to the employee and the employer.

Guiding Companies to Better Understand Circular Strategies

To innovate for a circular economy, companies need to make changes on many different levels. Jan Konietzko from Circular X created a tool that helps professionals better understand the circular strategies and the levels at which they can be applied.

How Businesses can Help Build a more Sustainable World

Businesses can have a positive societal and environmental impact and create a viable business strategy. The role they play can help drive slower forms of consumption and break the consumerist style that leads to a wasteful society.

What do YOU do to Save the World?

Business models can roughly be divided into two categories: sustainable and non-sustainable ones. In this podcast, Nancy Bocken takes us through existing business models and how to deal with the dimension of sustainability.

Finding opportunity in crisis

It has become clear that our current linear take-make-dispose economy is running out of time. The circular economy offers a redefinition of growth and a focus on societal benefits and sustainable solutions.

Why the Collective is so Important

We need to look after the planet much better than we have done over the past few decades, and that’s a collective responsibility that includes governments, businesses and individuals, says Simon Hill.