Predictably Irrational Behaviour

People do not always make rational decisions. However, it could be argued that human behaviour is ‘predictably irrational’, which brings with it great opportunities for those who want to improve their decision-making procedures, says Edward Huizenga.

The Effects and Ethics of Behavioural Interventions

Predicting people’s behaviour and designing policies in a way that ‘nudges’ behaviour in a certain direction can lead to better policy-making and improved management. Thomas Meissner and Jona Linde elaborate on the effects and ethics of nudging.

Carrots Make you Buy Grapes instead of Cookies

How do you get customers to choose healthy products in the supermarket? PhD candidate Gitta van den Enden demonstrates how consumers change their preference between two options when an attractive third option – a so-called ‘decoy’ – is presented.

Behavioural Insights & Change

On 4 November 2021, we hosted an online Tea & Talent session in partnership with UM-BIC and BIN-NL to address recent research on behaviour and behavioural change, focusing on practical applications for managers and policy makers.

A Detailed Look at the Dutch Retirement System

The Dutch pension system is ranked number 1 in the world according to the Mercer Global Pension Index. In a recent interview with the Broadcast Retirement Network, Thomas Post explains what makes our pension system such an outstanding one.

Click, Clique, Radical Chic

Some videos on the internet are even naughtier than others. Thomas Frissen researches if the flood of information, ideas and visual stimuli digital technologies expose us to could help radicalise individuals and polarise societies.

COVID-19: Using Common Sense is Not Enough!

The freedom in public policies on COVID-19 is asking more from the population than it initially seems. Results show that apart from using common sense, more and better information on the context is essential to help us make the right decision.

How to Activate and Nudge Pension Plan Participants

On a podcast episode hosted by Netspar, Thomas Post discusses techniques to activate participants in the new Dutch occupational pension system and emphasises that nudges have to be designed with great care to be effective and ethically sound.

The Best Armoury for an Uncertain Future

Should you keep spending resources on a project even when its future success looks doubtful? The influence of emotions in decision-making is important but perhaps we are more rational than the previous research has given us credit for.

The Viability of Vaccination Certificates

There is sufficient support among the Dutch population for the introduction of a vaccination certificate to actively encourage people to be vaccinated. This has become apparent from representative research among 1,640 Dutch people.