Do we put our trust in predictions?

In our day-to-day, it is increasingly possible to receive prediction advice that has been generated by some algorithmic system. Dr. Emir Efendić and colleagues found that trust in these systems depends on how quickly or slowly a prediction is made.

Nudging for Positive Change

Planning for retirement, eating healthier, donating your organs upon death – we often know what we should do, but why then do we not do it (enough)? It all has to do with behavioural design, and biases that are common to our species.

How Choosing for Others Impacts our own Choices

Researchers Kelly Geykens, Anika Schumacher and Caroline Goukens examined how choosing for others impacts our own choices. In this video, you learn how trying to help others will influence your own behaviour.

The Art and Science of Waiting

Time is one of the most valuable resources, so customers expect to be serviced quickly, to have a positive waiting experience and/or expect a big reward for their waiting efforts. Learn how to positively influence the customer waiting experience.