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Taking Design Thinking to the Skies

Necessity is often considered to be the mother of all innovation. For Eurocontrol’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre, innovation has always been at the heart of its operations. But, the pandemic focussed a drive to supercharge almost overnight.

Generating Energy together with Essent

Change happens fast in the energy market, which is why collaborations between companies and bright, innovative minds at universities can also be a winning combination. UMIO’s student hackathon with energy supplier showed exactly that.

Finding opportunity in crisis

It has become clear that our current linear take-make-dispose economy is running out of time. The circular economy offers a redefinition of growth and a focus on societal benefits and sustainable solutions.

Building Future-proof Business Models

In this short workshop you will get some practical tools how to engage in iterative experimentation and continuous improvement of your business model through a practical guideline to design future proof business models.

The Power of Hackathons

Human behaviour needs to evolve with disruptive innovation, as does the business world. In this environment, it is vital to empathise with consumers to design services that work for them. This is where ‘hackathons’ come in.