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Homes instead of Meadows

The incoming Dutch government aims to solve the housing crisis by speeding up construction, but in order to be able to build on a truly large scale, a fundamental change is needed in the public debate about land, say Nils Kok and Piet Eichholtz.

A Sustainable Solution to Energy Poverty

The high price of gas causes energy poverty. However, the proposed energy tax reduction is too limited. Spend on sustainability rather than on reducing the price of fossil fuels to help the energy transition, argue Linde Kattenberg and Nils Kok.

How will COVID-19 Change the Demand for Office Space?

Will the demand for office space decline after COVID-19? Piet Eichholtz and Nils Kok say office buildings that are no longer fit for purpose do not need to be written off. They deserve a second chance, and could be repurposed as residential housing.