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Sneakers… They Sneak into your Wardrobe

Nancy Bocken, Professor of Sustainable Business at Maastricht University, explains the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and shares tips on how both the government, sneaker brands and sneaker lovers can make more sustainable choices.

How Businesses can Help Build a more Sustainable World

Businesses can have a positive societal and environmental impact and create a viable business strategy. The role they play can help drive slower forms of consumption and break the consumerist style that leads to a wasteful society.

What do YOU do to Save the World?

Business models can roughly be divided into two categories: sustainable and non-sustainable ones. In this podcast, Nancy Bocken takes us through existing business models and how to deal with the dimension of sustainability.

Finding opportunity in crisis

It has become clear that our current linear take-make-dispose economy is running out of time. The circular economy offers a redefinition of growth and a focus on societal benefits and sustainable solutions.

The Best of Both Worlds: Creating Sustainable Business Models

This webinar discusses the circular economy and its potential for small and large organisations. We will focus on positive examples of business model innovation for the circular economy, and we discuss approaches to inspire change.