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Charities Cannot Rely on the Super-Rich

The rich often place the moral responsibility to donate on people with even more money. "If you ask someone with half a million why they don't give more, the answer is often that someone with 2 million should do that” says Professor Paul Smeets.

Make Time for What You Love

Professor Paul Smeets, who researches the relationship between happiness and money, has become affectionately known as 'The happiness professor'. His advice for all of us: "Prosperity only becomes well-being if you have time for what you love."

Does an Expensive Hobby make you Happy?

Playing the violin, football or collecting stamps: hobbies come in all shapes and sizes. We are prepared to spend a lot of money on them. But does an expensive hobby make you happy? Our ‘Happiness Professor’ Paul Smeets shares his insights.

Do you Pay a Premium for Responsible Investments?

A recent field lab experiment conducted by Paul Smeets and Marten Laudi shows that financial advisors charge a premium to clients of socially responsible investments. This is something that cannot be justified by higher effort, skill, or costs.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

“It’s not a big flat screen tv or a new phone that makes you happy but rather cleaning help or delivery service”, says economist and ‘happiness professor’ Paul Smeets. "If you have money to spend, buy yourself some spare time!”.