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Understanding the Society Starts with Economics

How can economics and economic research contribute to a better understanding of society? They help to make the right choices with limited information, says Clemens Kool, Professor of Macroeconomics and International Monetary Economics.

Employee Empowerment at its Best

Coaching leadership is about empowering employees in a sustainable way by helping them to develop their personal and professional potential. This is something worth investing effort in and the persistence will be worth it, says Irina Nikolova.

No Animal was Harmed in the Making of this Burger

Mosa Meat successfully challenges the current approach to traditional farming methods for a sustainable production system. In a recent MBA class at UMIO, co-founder Mark Post shared his journey towards the world’s first slaughter free hamburger.

The Changing Role of the Leader

'Command & control' is a leadership style that no longer fits within modern organisations and today’s society. In this podcast, Glenn van der Burg talks to Mariëlle Heijltjes about leadership and the need for more humanity in organisations.

The Rise of Deep Tech

Deep tech is transforming the way we understand technology and is shaping our world in ways we have never seen before. Future successful leaders will be those who go beyond the technological dimension and embrace it as a multi-dimensional concept.

Why we Need More Women in Leadership

Although society is making strides in addressing gender inequality, systematic challenges and age-old biases continue to impact women’s careers. How can organisations, policymakers, and individuals join the effort to promote female leadership?

Authentic Leaders Set the Bar for a Cultural Shift

Establishing oneself as an authentic leader is the first step in encouraging a culture of authenticity within organisations, because systemic change does not come from policies but from practice, according to leadership expert Ash Beckham.

Good Corporate Governance: A Lesson in how NOT to Make the Headlines

Organisations cannot always please everyone. You need to decide what matters most. This is subjective and makes corporate governance issues debatable, explains Rogier Deumes; assistant professor in corporate governance, control and auditing.

Facilitating and Improving Managerial Decisions

We cannot predict the future, but we at least try to deal with this uncertainty by using all kinds of measures and prediction methods that give us more confidence in an investment choice, says Alexander Brüggen; Professor of Management Accounting.

Harnessing the Potential of Power

Each of us has the choice to let our power go untapped, to give it away or to harness it, so we must learn to make the most of this unseen energy. Gail Rudolph provides three simple steps to choose our power positioning in any given situation.