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Ideation and Creativity Make Your Business Future Proof

For your business to stay relevant in future, you need to detect key trends and truly understand your customers’ needs. Carmen Vonken, project leader at UMIO’s Service Science Factory, shares some simple yet effective techniques to boost creativity.

Proud of Family-run Businesses

In collaboration with MKB Limburg, the organisation for small and medium-sized businesses in the province, Maastricht University has set up a special project for family-led companies, designed for organisations with up to 50 employees.

The Sustainable Design Opportunity is Now

Let’s look at the workplace through a new prism and recognise that each business, no matter how small, has a chance to not only make a significant reduction in their carbon footprint but also to create an improved workplace experience for all.

Redefining Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Saleema Vellani explores the entrepreneurial mindset and considers how the future landscape of personal exploration, employment and industry will require ubiquitous innovation skills of new graduates and business leaders alike.

Be Ambitious with those Service Robots!

Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Professor of Customer-Centric Service Science, explains what added value service robots can bring to the workplace. It is not a question of whether we will start working with robots, but how we can get everybody prepared.

Which is More Creative, the Arts or the Sciences?

At UMIO Prime, we have shared research insights on the need for ‘higher’ cognitive skills as core competencies for the changing 21st century labour market. But, what is the nature of creativity, and does it differ across disciplines?

Crisis Innovation Guide: Ready to Act?

What do we learn from COVID-19? This is an excellent moment to start thinking not only about how to make our organisations more responsive to change, but also how to make them regenerative by investing in a culture of innovation.

Crisis Innovation Guide: Organisation and Ecosystem

Successful innovation in times of crisis doesn’t only require a good look at your products and processes. It’s also about being able to see the bigger picture. How does the organisation function and which ecosystem is it part of?

Crisis Innovation Guide: Product and Process

Before you get to the innovation drawing board, it is essential that you gain a thorough understanding of the exact challenges and opportunities that your organisation is facing. We provide guidelines on how to innovate your product and process.

How can you be Prepared for what’s Next?

Sometimes the best way to understand the future is to build on good, old fashioned research and logic, sorting and sizing knowns and unknowns, and networking the one thing we bring with us everyday: human intelligence.