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How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is an adventure into the unknown. There may be high costs, but there are also high rewards. In this podcast, Jermain Kaminski delves deeper into the topics of Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley, Machine Learning, and much more.

Taking Design Thinking to the Skies

Necessity is often considered to be the mother of all innovation. For Eurocontrol’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre, innovation has always been at the heart of its operations. But, the pandemic focussed a drive to supercharge almost overnight.

Improvisation for Resilience: Lessons from Jazz

Though organisations are addicted to reliability, routines, formal planning and control, our well-being will increasingly rest on disciplined spontaneity, fast learning from smart failures and agile execution through minimal structures.

Making your Workplace a Cultural Incubator

With the arrival of the hybrid workplace, the office needs to become the facilitator of collaboration, innovation, and connection. But how do you ensure your office serves its purpose as a ‘cultural incubator’ by effectively bringing people together?

Maastricht Reimagined

Maastricht wants to know how its citizens would like to see the city in 2040. “It should look beyond what it is and explore what it could be. Sometimes this means letting go of old values and exploring new ones,” says design thinker Damien Nunes.

The Rise and Evolution of the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is causing the biggest societal shift since the industrial revolution. And it is the biggest business trend ever. Benita Matofska believes the sharing economy could solve some of the most prominent challenges in the current era.

Guiding Companies to Better Understand Circular Strategies

To innovate for a circular economy, companies need to make changes on many different levels. Jan Konietzko from Circular X created a tool that helps professionals better understand the circular strategies and the levels at which they can be applied.

It’s Not Companies That Innovate, It’s The People In Them

When innovation has power and legitimacy, it is easier for innovation teams to build collaborative relationships with their colleagues in the core business, says Tendayi Viki; corporate innovation expert and Associate Partner at Strategyzer.

Creating a Self-perpetuating Marketing Machine

Launching a new service or product at the right time and in the right way is crucial for its success. Lean start-up of your business idea is essential, explains Dominik Mahr, Professor in Digital Innovation and Marketing at Maastricht University.

Discovering Value for the Customer and the Organisation

Base your product or service on the wrong assumptions and you’ll soon be wasting time, energy and money. Prototyping is an essential step in the design thinking process and the best way to learn more about your customers and improve your ideas.