Crisis Innovation Guide: Ready to Act?

What do we learn from COVID-19? This is an excellent moment to start thinking not only about how to make our organisations more responsive to change, but also how to make them regenerative by investing in a culture of innovation.

Crisis Innovation Guide: Organisation and Ecosystem

Successful innovation in times of crisis doesn’t only require a good look at your products and processes. It’s also about being able to see the bigger picture. How does the organisation function and which ecosystem is it part of?

Crisis Innovation Guide: Product and Process

Before you get to the innovation drawing board, it is essential that you gain a thorough understanding of the exact challenges and opportunities that your organisation is facing. We provide guidelines on how to innovate your product and process.

How can you be Prepared for what’s Next?

Sometimes the best way to understand the future is to build on good, old fashioned research and logic, sorting and sizing knowns and unknowns, and networking the one thing we bring with us everyday: human intelligence.

Crisis Innovation Guide: Survival Mode

The shock of the coronavirus has triggered a survival mode in many companies, yet a crisis like this facilitates rather than inhibits innovation. It creates a climate of opportunity that true innovators have been waiting for.

Crisis Innovation Guide: The New Normal

While uncertain times like these can be unnerving, they also offer opportunities to those who dare to innovate. Successful companies will be the ones that take immediate action and adapt their business models to the 'new normal'.

The Power of Hackathons

Human behaviour needs to evolve with disruptive innovation, as does the business world. In this environment, it is vital to empathise with consumers to design services that work for them. This is where ‘hackathons’ come in.