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Organisations: Walk your Talk!

Organisations are showing their true colours in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Why don't they do the same in countries that have neglected human rights for decades? Professor of Ethics Harry Hummels and his colleagues give their take on the matter.

Working Together for a Better World

In their recent publication, professor Harry Hummels and his co-authors explore the opportunities and challenges of collaboration between innovative companies and established organisations to create a better, more sustainable, and more just world.

Partnering for Sustainable Innovation

Join us on 12 May at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus for an inspiring Tea & Talent session where Harry Hummels and Sascha Bloemhoff will guide us through the opportunities and challenges of creating partnerships for sustainable innovation.

Holacracy Driving Sustainable Future Winners

How can businesses respond better to the challenges of our times? The ones who are successful will make sustainability productive for the world and their businesses. Holacracy, a form of self-organising, is a powerful way to facilitate this.

Attention for Employee Well-being also Beneficial for Companies

Research by Maastricht University and Utrecht University, led by Professor Harry Hummels, shows that attention to the well-being of employees in Dutch organisations has increased and… offers mutual benefits to the employee and the employer.