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Be Ambitious with those Service Robots!

Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Professor of Customer-Centric Service Science, explains what added value service robots can bring to the workplace. It is not a question of whether we will start working with robots, but how we can get everybody prepared.

Service Robots: Rising or Falling Stars?

Robots are everywhere, but how do we humans respond to robots? The truth is, we don’t know much about what effect robots have on our behaviour. This is why Gaby Odekerken and her team at Maastricht University want to find out more.

Innovate with Service Design

Services are all around us. Gaby Odekerken and Damien Nunes discuss the meaning of service design in this WebTalk and the question of time as another key consideration of the process using the adage, fail early, learn fast.

Alumnus Hemmerle on his life and career 15 years’ on

Nils Hemmerle completed his Master’s in International Business at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics in 2004. According to him, digitalisation has influenced practices enormously since he first entered the business world.