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Hand Washing Angels: a High-impact Social Initiative

Most children in developing countries haven’t been raised with hand washing as a priority. Determined to break a vicious circle, UMIO’s Edward Huizenga together with a global team builds hand hygiene into a daily routine for young children.

5 Steps towards a Purpose-led Strategy

What is the purpose of your corporate strategy and how can it be used to change the company and grow the business? Edward Huizenga shares a 5-step framework to create and implement a purpose-led strategy which can be transformative for any company.

Predictably Irrational Behaviour

People do not always make rational decisions. However, it could be argued that human behaviour is ‘predictably irrational’, which brings with it great opportunities for those who want to improve their decision-making procedures, says Edward Huizenga.

Behavioural Insights & Change

On 4 November 2021, we hosted an online Tea & Talent session in partnership with UM-BIC and BIN-NL to address recent research on behaviour and behavioural change, focusing on practical applications for managers and policy makers.

Strategy Meets Behaviour

Strategy is about aspiration. Aspiration is a fascinating design rule. It deals with specific objectives, defining the magnitude of these objectives and the distance to what is viewed as current beliefs. It is a balancing act between faith and facts.