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Predictably Irrational Behaviour

People do not always make rational decisions. However, it could be argued that human behaviour is ‘predictably irrational’, which brings with it great opportunities for those who want to improve their decision-making procedures, says Edward Huizenga.

Good Corporate Governance: A Lesson in how NOT to Make the Headlines

Organisations cannot always please everyone. You need to decide what matters most. This is subjective and makes corporate governance issues debatable, explains Rogier Deumes; assistant professor in corporate governance, control and auditing.

How to be an Effective Leader

Although it’s no longer possible for leaders to know everything, we somehow still believe this is what’s needed. In this podcast, prof. Marielle Heijltjes, UMIO’s Executive Director, debunks this myth with an insightful and empowering perspective.

Teaming: Getting in on the Action

Creating the right environment and employing the right ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ to support professional teams can be challenging for leaders. Simon de Jong shares insights on the concept of ‘teaming’ in his session on the MaastrichtMBA programme.

The Science of Performance Management

On June 24, Prof. Harold Hassink provided a breakfast session at Brightlands Chemelot Campus to talk about recent academic insights on performance management and how to analyse and improve an organisation’s chances of reaching its strategic goals.

How the Arts can Help Shape Business and Society

In this video, Rachel Pownall, Professor of Arts and Finance, explains how the Arts can help shape business and society, and how culture and its associated values can influence the leadership and management skills of leaders at global institutions.

5 Tips to Boost your Organisation’s Creativity

It is a myth that the best innovations just ‘happen’ from the ideas of a few creative geniuses. So, how do you get your ideas to have real impact? We provide five practical tips you can implement now to boost your organisation’s creativity.

How Do Professionals Learn?

In this short video, Therese Grohnert shares some of the key findings from her research which demonstrates how organisations can create the perfect conditions for workplace learning for sustained performance and innovation.

Be Ambitious with those Service Robots!

Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Professor of Customer-Centric Service Science, explains what added value service robots can bring to the workplace. It is not a question of whether we will start working with robots, but how we can get everybody prepared.

Digital Transformation: Are you Ready to Automate?

On January 28, Dominik Mahr and Gordon Miesen hosted an online session to showcase how you as a professional can redesign your workplace with smart automation and what you can do to really reap the benefits from emerging technologies.