Demystifying Common Myths About Migration

Melissa Siegel, Professor of Migration Studies at Maastricht University, dispels some commonly held myths about migration and argues that getting the message across to the broader public is part of any researcher's responsibility.

Creating a Self-perpetuating Marketing Machine

Launching a new service or product at the right time and in the right way is crucial for its success. Lean start-up of your business idea is essential, explains Dominik Mahr, Professor in Digital Innovation and Marketing at Maastricht University.

Creating Impact: One YouTube Video at a Time

As we move forward to address societal challenges, facts and scientific research need to feed community knowledge and play an important role in public decision-making. For this, effective research communication is key! Melissa Siegel sets the tone.

How to Market Products in 2021 and Beyond?

In this podcast, Tim Hilken talks about the current status of technologies like AR and VR. How can they be further developed to better address consumer needs? And how could these technologies be used in the classroom or workplace environment?

The Double-edged Sword of Smart Services

“You can buy a car in any colour you like so long as it’s black” is the famous quote by Henry Ford, made at a time when sellers dictated the market. Things couldn’t be more different today. It’s the customer who’s in the driver’s seat now.

Opportunities and Pitfalls of Smart Customer Interactions

During this Breakfast Booster on November 12, 2020, Lisa Brüggen presented several ways in which smart customer interactions can improve your customer relations, but she also discussed the pitfalls of digital customer interactions.

Communications and the Importance of Framing

This webinar addresses the power of communications in relation to your actions, and how to effectively make use of a promise versus performance balance to get the results you were actually aiming for.

Is marketing knowledge obsolete?

The digital era is changing how we communicate with and about each other, causing a major shift in marketing strategy. Professor Martin Wetzels is looking at the impact of ‘digital disruption’ on the academic and business world alike.