Are we Really Never Going Back to the Old Ways of Working?

Employees value flexibility and wellbeing, and these great expectations create an opportunity for every organisation to reimagine work-life integration as a win-win. We revisit the assumptions that were made a year ago about the impact of COVID-19.

Just a Little of that Human Touch

Leaders who obsess around narrow financial goals and view people as disposable commodities will not survive. The old industrial shareholder model is rapidly decaying while the future belongs to the human-centred organisation, says Peter Thomson.

How to Win in the Labour Market?

Predicting the future of the job market is a challenge but informing yourself about the changing labour market and job prospects is a good start, says Didier Fouarge, Director of the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market.

Labour Market is Enduring the Corona Pandemic Reasonably

Despite the economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, job opportunities are generally good for graduates entering the job market over the next six years, concludes the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market in one of their recent reports.

How Will Automation and AI Affect the Labour Market?

More and more machines can make decisions independently. So how will this affect the labour market? Mark Levels and Raymond Montizaan explore these questions through the work they are doing as part of the EU-funded research project TECHNEQUALITY.

Preparing for the future of work and the workplace

The pandemic has led to the acceleration of digital transformation as organisations have been forced to adapt to remote working – but will this have an impact on the long-term future of work? Anino Emuwa finds out.