Boosting Intrapreneurship

What is the difference between Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship? In this WebTalk, Alexander Brüggen defines the two concepts and outlines the reasons why organisations wanting to be innovative are in need of intrapreneurship.

Futurise Your Business

Organisations need to innovate in order to survive. At a time with so many technological advances, technology-driven innovation is still just a means to an end. The question discussed in this WebTalk: Does it actually provide value or not?

The Power of Hackathons

Human behaviour needs to evolve with disruptive innovation, as does the business world. In this environment, it is vital to empathise with consumers to design services that work for them. This is where ‘hackathons’ come in.

Erasmus Grant on Service Design Thinking

Implementing Service Design Thinking at the highest level of organisations; that is the goal of the study module that the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management (SBE) and the Service Science Factory (UMIO) will co-develop.

Innovate with Service Design

Services are all around us. Gaby Odekerken and Damien Nunes discuss the meaning of service design in this WebTalk and the question of time as another key consideration of the process using the adage, fail early, learn fast.